Build your business with us at Rancho Maria Lucas

Rancho Maria Lucas is an organic farm located in Brgy. Dampigan, Sta Rita Samar. It thrives on its own biodiversity and sustainability with its organic livestock farming, fruit-bearing trees and rice plantation, and bee farming. The 59-acre land is home to a variety of crops, trees, ornamental plants, livestock animals, and bees.

What makes the place unique is that it offers a diverse experience, extremely opposite from what most of us go through every day in our busy urban life. Here, you'll experience the bliss of going basics, appreciate the abundance of nature, enjoy the serenity of rural life, and celebrate being one with nature.

Camping, guided tours, photoshoots, event receptions, and seminars are just a few of the activities that we offer in the ranch. And as we join the government in gradually opening the economy, we are planning to offer more activities and amenities that will help you boost your business and generate more customers.

Business Partnership

So what exactly are we offering for partnership?

We are looking for a restaurant or restobar owner who is willing to start or expand his/her business in Rancho Maria Lucas. Our restaurant area is open for a new tenant who would like to use the place to set up their food business. Due to the lack of manpower, we can't open a food hub for our customers to dine in. That's why we decided to outsource and accept a willing food business owner to utilize our existing restaurant and kitchen area to start the business operations.

We had previous tenants who rented our restaurant area but after Typhoon Haiyan, we decided to temporarily close the ranch for restoration and reconstruction. Now that we're finally back to business, we're opening our doors for partnership.

Business Partnership

Why do we call this a partnership?

Technically, we are looking for a tenant who will set up his/her restaurant business on our ranch. However, we prefer calling it a partnership because we will help you and your business get acquainted with the existing market first before actually charging you for rent. We will waive your first three (3) months' rent to help you establish your business first and give you time to work your way through from setting up, marketing, advertising, and operations. We want you to be acquainted with the area and get to know your market. Plus, you'll get abundant time to generate income before you start paying on rentals.

What our partnership has to offer? 

  • A spacious and ready for occupancy restaurant space.
  • An outdoor oven 
  • A commercial griller 
  • Tables and chairs
  • Kitchen area for cooking and food preparation
  • Readily available ornaments of rare wooden carvings and furniture from recycled materials
  • A scenic view of the fields and mountains
  • A swing and garden area where customers can lounge and do selfies
  • Clean comfort rooms
  • Spacious open parking
  • Assistance from our management staff and support personnel
Business Partnership

What's in store for you?

What's good about partnering with an existing business is that their customers become yours as well. We believe in the power of coexisting and by using this, we both can grow and succeed in our respective industries.

The advantage of this partnership is that our customers are going to be your customers as well. We offer guided tours, camping, seminars, and event reception and who else are they going to call for their food and catering needs but you, our partner. You can rely that we will always recommend you on our future bookings and business dealings.

After touring around the ranch and exploring the farm, our customers will surely need sumptous food and refreshing drinks to satiate their hunger and quench their thirst. Great tasting food, a cozy restaurant, and great customer service are what they need after spending some time discovering the different areas of the farm and unraveling the rich history that lies behind every artifact.

With us, you're sure to get every possible support needed to help you establish your food business from promotion down to marketing. So what are you waiting for? Grab this rare opportunity and let's build an exciting journey towards a successful business ahead.

For inquiries, please call us at 0935 054 1494 or 0956 549 0765 or reach us via FB messenger. We’re excited to have you on board. Call us now! 

What we have to offer

Multi-Purpose Function Hall

Our multi-purpose function hall is strategically located in the front area of the ranch making it accessible to clients and guests. It can accommodate up to 300 individuals and is open for different occasions such as wedding receptions, seminars, company parties, team building, birthdays, and other events. The multi-purpose function hall's ceiling is built with proper insulation to promote optimum comfort. The hall is also elevated allowing the guest to enjoy the refreshing view of the whole ranch. The function hall’s interior is designed with different collector's items such as hand-carved wooden images that you’ll surely love.
In front of the function hall lies the hand-carved horse swings that your kids can enjoy. These swings seats are made from used rubber tires, cut and carved into miniature horses giving a different look to the common swing. You may also enjoy the mini-garden view a few meters away from the function hall while enjoying a cup of hot choco or coffee at the uniquely crafted garden set made from old rubber tires. A day at Rancho Maria Lucas will make you appreciate the product of creative minds.

What we have to offer


Planning to stay for the night but camping is way out of your interest? Don’t worry because here at Rancho Maria Lucas we offer room accommodations for overnighters and transient tourists who wish to stay at the ranch for a couple of days. We have different cottages for you to choose from.
Each cottage is individually built to provide privacy and a sense of security and safety. The cottages have tiled floors, own shower and toilet. Each cottage can accommodate up to 3-4 people. For families who wish to stay in the same room, we provide an extra bed. Just let our staff know about your request and we’ll gladly provide your needs immediately.

What we have to offer

Perfect Camping Spot

The elevated area situated on the left side of the ranch is perfect for campers who wish to stay and spend the night in a peaceful yet secure environment. We provide water, free charging stations, and other services to our campers.
Astronomy enthusiasts who wish to witness rare meteorological events and other outdoor enthusiasts can set up their camps and gears in our camping site and enjoy the rest of the night in serenity and safety.

What we have to offer

Spacious Open Parking

We offer spacious open parking spaces to our guests with cars and motorcycles. You may park your car safely in the front area of the ranch.

What we have to offer

Child-friendly Space

Let your kids explore outdoor fun on Rancho Maria Lucas. Your kids will surely love our horse-shaped rubber swings, tunnel, and spacious ground for running, kite flying, and a lot more. Give your kids a chance to meet and greet with our friendly animals. You may also take pictures with them. Ain’t that fun and educational?

What we have to offer


Rancho Maria Lucas has its own chapel which holds Catholic mass service every first Friday of the month and it is open to the public. The mini chapel features different religious artifacts personally owned by the ranch owner herself. The bell from Scotland hanged outside the chapel is one of the most interesting artifacts in the chapel.
Aside from all these, we also accommodate other events such as:
• Pre-nuptial Photoshoot
• Educational Tours
• Garden Wedding
• Seminars
• Team Building
• Corporate events
• Drone flying events and competitions

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